Small Leaf Yin Zhen

Small Leaf Yin Zhen

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Tea Information

Yin Zhen is harvested during the first harvest, in the springtime. The buds are plucked early, prior to opening, and after the sun has dried the residual morning dew. Prior to brewing, the tea smells of fresh cut greenery. Following the steeping, bright notes of honey are apparent. The tea goes down smooth and has almost zero astringency when steeped properly, leaving a light sweetness in the mouth as an aftertaste.

White tea is named for its production method, which distinctly separates it from other tea varieties. The buds are plucked prior to opening. The tea is slightly oxidized from laying in the sun for a brief period of one to three days.

Brew Temperature 

70° - 80°C (158° - 176°F)

Brew Time

3 - 5 minutes