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Sencha green tea is one of the most popular tea varieties in Japan.  The tea is typically much greener, and more bitter than comparable Chinese green teas.  If you prefer to temper the astringency of your tea, brew cautiously at the lower end of the suggested temperature range.   The green tea has a fresh vegetation taste to it, oft compared to fresh cut grass.

The bright taste and vibrant green color of Sencha tea is achieved by steaming the tea leaves shortly after harvest in order to immediately halt oxidation and lock in the flavor of the leaf prior to drying. Green teas can differ in taste depending on whether steaming or pan-frying is used to stop oxidation. Region and timing of the harvest also contribute to the unique flavor profiles of each green tea.

Brew Temperature: 70° - 80°C (158° - 176°F)

Brew Time: 1 minute

Infusions: 1