Keemun Chinese Black

Keemun Chinese Black

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Keemnun (pronounced "Chee-men") is very popular variety of black tea originating from the Anhui province of China.  Keemun is considered to be lighter than many black teas, with low astringency, floral notes, and hints of fruit and cocoa.   The presence of Keemun tea's flavors is attributed to it's gradual withering and oxidation process, which is progressed slower comparative to other black teas.

While brewed from the same leaf as all traditional tea varieties, black teas tends to be much stronger in flavor due to the higher oxidation levels.  The higher oxidation also gives the tea leaf more chemical stability, permitting black teas to maintain their flavor profile for many years, while lower oxidized teas such as green and white varieties have a suggested one year shelf life.   

Brew Temperature: 90° - 95°C (194° - 203°F)

Brew Time: 3 - 5 minutes

Infusions: 1 - 3