Green Pu'erh

Green Pu'erh

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Green Pu'erh tea has a very earthy, smokey, smooth taste that is unique to pu'erh teas while remaining sharper in flavor than black pu'erhs. This tea has been enjoyed by Chinese emperors for over 2000 years.  Not to be confused with traditional Green tea, it is labeled green due to it's specific processing methods. Pu'erh tea is touted for it's health benefits, and stomach settling capabilities, making it a favorite among the wellness community.

Pu'erh Tea is differentiated from other teas through the fermentation of the processed leaves, typically in 'cake' or brick forms. Some Green pu'erh cakes are fermented for up to 65 years! Green Pu'erh does not go under extra processing to accelerate ripening. It is not typically considered ripened until aged at least 5 years.

Brew Temperature: 100°C (212°F)

Brew Time: 20 seconds - 3 minutes

Infusions: 3 - 12 (more is not unheard of)