9 Tea-inspired Instagram accounts you should be following

Lately I've been spending some quality time on Instagram. Posting about the work we do here at Tea by the Sea and sharing our journey. Along the way, I've been engaging with other tea fanatics who are creating some seriously interesting content related to tea. If your looking for something new on Instagram, or you love tea as much as I do - I highly recommend checking out a few of these accounts.

@tea_tography is an avid tea blogger. On a journey to evaluate and appreciate the finer points of tea, he posts new reviews to his blog every couple of weeks. Furthermore, there are some amazing pictures to boot. I'm impressed with his varying collection of teaware, and the ability to consistently take good pictures while pouring tea!


@teanebs is another tea blogger (these were in no particular order I swear) and software engineering student from Finland. @teanebs is a Green Tea enthusiast and owner of a cockatiel named Chili. The blog itself is in Finnish - but Google translate does a decent enough job and all of the Instagram posts are in English. Give a follow and a like if you have an affinity for green tea, or just want to see pretty pictures of frothy matcha!


@your_pencil in his own words is "Currently on a quest to explore the endless forms of the teapot". By far one of my favorite accounts, the artist, Arturo Alvarez, is what I would consider, a pottery master (disclaimer: I know very little about pottery). What I do know - is that he is creating absolutely stunning teapots on a daily basis.  He finds ways to incorporate driftwood as handles from the Puget Sound and is making his way doing something he loves. As a fellow Washington local I'm completely biased, but madly obsessed with his beautiful work.


@zerozen_artlab is a tea enthusiast and blogger from Germany. What caught my eye were the highly stylized photos of tea.  Most of the images are vignetted and with most of the color removed - leaving only light and color for tea, tea leaves, and occasionally tea ware. The resulting photos are highly contrasted and leave a beautiful focus on the the most-delicious subject matter. 


@cwynsdeathbytea is probably the most underrated account on this list. Combining an avid love for puerh and a strikingly dry sense of humor, Cwyn's account is a mixture of tea photos, poorly drawn and edited pictures (think one step above MS Paint) and random photos from daily life. The real gold comes from the near weekly in depth blog posts that cover various aspects of Puerh, Cwyn's opinion of said Puerh, and a healthy dose of comedy.  Just read this latest post about Puerh Rescue Dot Org to see what I mean (look past the amazing Blogspot design). Follow this account if you love Puerh, and need a good laugh.


@oczarkowana is a Polish tea blogger who spent two years in China and is sharing her love for and experiences with Tea. Her photos from tea plantations and processing centers bring an especially fantastic view into the massive, yet traditional and purposeful industry that is tea. 

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@180andup is a tea focused account run by two San Francisco residents. Nearly 100% of their photos feature a teapot and a few teacups. The scenery and tea may vary - but the photography is always fantastic. It will be interesting to see where this account goes. With nearly three thousand followers they are starting to pick up momentum. In the bio they also advocate "health life" - and it will be interesting to see what kind of content they produce that aligns with that message.


@__tea_coffee__ wins the "new accounts to watch" award. The account bio mentions that they will be bringing tips and tricks to improve brewing. I've reached out to see if they have a website or blog and they've informed me that its coming. Based in Hungary, I'm interested in yet another geographically unique pictorial insight into the world of tea. For you tea purists, please forgive me for including coffee among the ranks.


@aspiringteaspokespersonjim is one man in Minnesota trying to spread the joy of tea. I've included his account here because it's just so dang pure. Jim's mission aligns with that of our own (and I'm sure countless others) trying to share the joy that tea brings into his own life. Looked over by so many American, introducing tea as a staple into our culture has been a slow uphill battle. It's great to have another advocate among the ranks. His posts often include video, and while not "professional", are very genuine.  Follow along for a good laugh and to get hyped about tea!  

While these accounts are fabulous - I'm certain there are more tea-centric ones out there bringing great quality to the masses. If I find enough new or unique accounts - I'll assemble again in the future. If you want more in depth information about any of these accounts, drop me a note and we can try to setup a detailed post or interview with these folks.

Happy 'Graming.

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